WinAC.NET is the latest in our proven range of Windows™ based Access Control Products, from simple door and registration point control, through to a fully computerised global Networked Biometric Access Control System.

The access control software has been designed so that multiple combinations of access patterns and rules can be programmed into the system to function alongside each other, with the result that all of your employees’ movements are accurately monitored and analysed.

The biometric access control system is fully capable of monitoring and controlling doors, barriers and locks across a single or multi site network and offers users full jurisdiction over movement and access of personnel and vehicles in and around their site.

The key role of gates and barriers is to prevent unauthorised access whilst providing minimum inconvenience to those who do have authorised access to your site. A Biometric Access Control System running the WinAC.NET software allows rapid communication when any delay occurs, such as when unauthorised personnel attempt to access a restricted area. Peak period congestion is thus avoided ensuring maximum flow capacity.

The system can stop vehicles or personnel at the relevant barrier and prevent entry or exit, until they identify themselves. It provides full control over who is allowed access through any controlled point at any time of the day.

Key features:

Access Points

Security statuses for every access point are controlled by the biometric scanner settings associated to that particular access point. These settings determine the locked status of the door, minute-by-minute, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the year.

Access Rights

When a person attempts to pass through an access point, the assigned Access Controller compares the individual’s security profile with that of the access point. Security profiles are based upon the day, time of day, and the security threat level of the attempted access.


Each individual’s security profile is based upon the persons Access Group. Each employee is assigned to an Access Group, either unique to them or common to their department, which makes setting up different permissions for different groups of people quick and straightforward.

Access groups consist of separate rules for each day of the week and public holidays and shutdown days. These separate daily rules are known as Access Patterns. These Access Patterns dictate what a person can do at different times through the day, that the pattern is applied to.

Comprehensive System Security & Role Management

System users are limited to only the menu options they are granted in their assigned role. System security permissions assigned to each user also control which employees are visible in the software application to the logged in user. Depending upon these permissions, a person may be limited to “view only” access of a limited sub set of employees.

Site Access Patterns

Select which doors a registered employee may pass through on a particular day. Every combination of access permissions in operation at your premises will need a corresponding Access Pattern. Later these patterns will be combined into the Site Access Group. The Access Pattern is limited to the door releases found in a single site. Access to each door release can be granted or denied and security permissions may be varied throughout the day. To facilitate the configuration of access patterns, selected “generic” patterns can be used as templates for new patterns with additional required doors being added to those contained in the template pattern.

Access Control Permissions

Access control permissions are defined in base pattern templates are a quick way of creating variants of a core pattern. The daily patterns are used to form groups (either Single or Multi-Site) and can be assigned to any individual in the business. Each daily pattern allows the administrator to control any door, at any time of the day. To allow the system to accommodate rapid changes, temporary access groups can be easily assigned to cardholders for specific periods.

Access Viewer

The Access Viewer enables users to view access control activity in real-time through a graphical interface. Access viewer animations show this activity on a floor plan of your site that is created using the Access Viewer Designer module. Pop-ups provide cardholder details such as the person’s photo, name and access event.

Access Reports

Reports can be generated after running an easy wizard design tool that helps you explore a variety of different reporting options. Reports may be printed, saved to a variety of file formats or emailed to recipients. Each report can be fully customised and professionally designed using the ‘Report Designer Module’, which allows you to alter every aspect of the report layout. This feature allows you to design your reports with your own company logos, fonts and colours, giving your reports a real personalised look.

Fire Roll Call Evacuation Reporting

The Biometric Access System controller supports up to two printers for evacuation reporting purposes. Whenever a fire alarm is triggered, automatic roll-call reports can be printed listing the names and departments of employees who remain on-site. In addition, doors can be configured to open automatically on fire alarm activation and lock automatically once the fire alarm activation condition has ceased.

Reports can be grouped by an employees’ default resident fire point or by the fire point that they are currently booked on to. Printers are connected either via a direct cable connection or by direct IP and can be limited to reporting upon specific zones or fire points. Muster points can also be installed where cardholders scan upon arrival at a Muster point. In real-time, the Biometric Access Control system software removes the employee from the fire roll-call report to provide a real-time roll call of any cardholders who remain in the building.

With our Access control software you can be assured that you will receive a simple to use, highly secure way of controlling access to areas or buildings, as well as monitoring who is present 24 hours a day.

Additional features are available for the WinAC.NET Lite/Business/Enterprise editions which can be implemented on your access control system to take into account diversity with access rules between individual organisations.

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